Gift ideas for someone this christmas!!

Gift ideas for someone this christmas!!

Destiny Caton

1. Beauty Blender Pack 

This is perfect for that one friend that is a fanatic about makeup. $16.00


2. Paper weights! 

These are great for your desk or even just as a home decor piece with super cute quotes $28.00


3. Capri Blue Candles! *only available in the scent Rain*  $30.95

These candles smell AMAZING

They actually can scent a whole room. LOVE THEM.


4.Natural Life  Soup Containers $16.00 

These are great for that someone in your life thats always on the go.


5. Faith Coffee Mug $9.00 

Personally I ove this idea for anyone in your family that is strong in their Faith.


6. Succulents 12.00

These guys have the cutest little sayings on them. Perfect for someone who needs that little lift me up in a cute way. 

 7. Wine Tumblers 24.50

These wine tumblrs keep wine cold up to 8 hours. Also , add a monogram to it and make it the perfect little gift. * available in navy with gold bottom as well*





Happy Holidays!