The 6 MUST HAVEs for Autumn

Crystal Oxendine

Because we love you and friends don't let friends not be informed of everything fashion, we have put together a list of the 6 must haves for autumn. You'll thank me later!

1. The Fall Tunic Dress 

Of course there's a such thing as a fall dress! This dress is perfect for all outings and did we mention how comfy it is? 

2. Vests


Vest are perfect for fall weather because they allow you to layer up without getting too hot on those warm fall days. 

3. Scarves 


Two words: Blanket. Scarf. Trust me you don't want to be without one this fall. 

4. Booties 


Who has time for riding boots when you could throw a cute pair of booties? 

5. Flannel


Lets face it- flannel never goes out of style. Wear it as your top or even wear it around your waste perfectly paired with a top. How 70's of you! 

6. Destroyed Jeans


Another classic look that never goes out of style. Destroyed jeans are the happy medium for fall weather. Allow the breeze to hit those still sun kissed legs of yours! 


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