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Destiny Caton

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Working in retail you meet so many people from different backgrounds , shapes and sizes. Thats one reason why here at Mis Match we love what we do. Typically one of the first questions you're asked when walking into the fitting room or even in the clothing section is "Do you think I'm a small in this" or "Do you think this is too big." They expect my response to be that it's to small or too big , or maybe it's not for them or that its perfect for them. But really my response is "Well , are you comfortable in it?", "Do YOU like the way it looks on you." Now when giving these type of responses I get weird looks but I think its because of me actually asking what THEY like not telling them only what I think.  In a retail store you typically expect the sales person to try to sale you anything and everything but here at Mis Match we want you to walk away happy! We want everyone to love our store as much as we do!! Personally I think the world has put out a perfect image that every women feels she should fit in. Unfortunately we as women have revolved our self esteem on this perfect image that is put out there in the media. But , Really it only matters how YOU feel. If you really can fit into a small but you're more comfortable in a large , Then girl you rock that large sweater!!!! Don't ever let anyone make you feel like what you're wearing is wrong , because it's not!!! Do what you love and wear what you want!!! 


Stay Beautiful ,